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Marcor, an Azelis company, is a leading ingredient supplier to the health, nutrition, microbiology, fermentation, OTC/pharmaceutical and food markets. We deliver maximum value to our customers through a differentiated technical and regulatory expertise, and a comprehensive product portfolio.

Marcor’s Heritage Timeline

Marcor traces its roots to 1979 where it strove to partner with a select group of suppliers from around the world to supply specialty and naturally derived ingredients for use in nutraceuticals, fermentation, pharmaceutical and related applications; supplying some of the largest end-users and contract manufacturers in the industry.

Creating value

Food and Health Division

Marcor’s distinct offerings in the fields of Enzyme and Glandular ingredient solutions, combined with in-depth knowledge of complex material requirements and regulations, enhance our customers’ scientific processes and ability to compete in the growing food and health market. In addition, Marcor offers an exciting portfolio of complimentary ingredients for food and beverage applications. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will be interested in our unique API’s.


Growing together

Microbiology & Fermentation Division

Marcor’s manufacturing capabilities offer unparalleled custom design and custom blending services in addition to proprietary products specifically formulated to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Protein Hydrolysates
  • Fermentation Nutrients
  • Fine Chemicals


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